Thursday, November 6, 2008


My dear friend,

I have made a decision. And if my dearest parents approve of it, I will probably not see you for a while once I leave.

I have decided to go on leave from the worldly life, and take up temporary ordination as a monk. You probably already know that I've always aspired to be one, and I think it's finally the time I do something about it.

I plan to take 6 months leave from college, and go to Thailand. From there, I hope to be able to find out whether the monastic life is the one I truly want. Who knows, I may come back after finding that it's not for me - I'm absolutely realistic about it. But the most important thing is, at the very least, I have attempted what I've aspired for, and can live life without regret.

If you have supported this dream and aspiration of mine, I thank you. I hope to be able to learn something out of this. One thing I have definitely learned so far, is that it is very painful to let go of everything. As I made my decision, I realized I had to let go of my possessions, my friends and most painfully, my family. And it hurts. And I cry. I still do.

But sacrifices have to be made. I have made my mind. I've asked my parents about it, and with their blessings, I will go.

In the meantime, I wait. And as I do, I now look at life in a whole new manner. I truly appreciate what the world has given me, and as I await my parents' answer, I will treasure and cherish whatever moments that life will provide.

If I do leave, needless to say, I will miss you.