Saturday, August 28, 2010

Buzzer Beat

S'been quite a while since I last posted. Being home has been a true blessing. I'm so pampered here. Breakfast, lunch & dinner all prepared for me. All I have to do is go out and meet friends. Kinda makes me wish that I'll never grow up. But nah, I'm really looking forward to becoming a breadwinner to support these people who have themselves supported me wholeheartedly.

Anyway, the last few days have been peppered by lots of emotion. Not from real life, but from watching Japanese dramas (J-dramas). My sister and mum have been pestering me to watch them since I was studying in college. Now that I'm back, they've decided to overwhelm me with a tsunami of J-dramas. And thus began my J-drama journey, starting with one about basketball, Buzzer Beat.

Well, why Buzzer Beat? Mostly because my mum's insane about Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi). Completely insane about him. To the point that every dinner ends with a conversation about him. It drives me nuts sometimes. Why is she so interested in Yamapi? Well, turns out that one of the reasons is Yamapi's manboobs:

I know right? Dot. Dot. Dot. Now that she's so into Yamapi's manboobs, she's thoroughly encouraging me to get a pair for myself. Which I don't mind having of course, but still, it all seems so ridiculous.

To be fair, to my mum, it isn't all about Yamapi's manboobs. It's not even about the fact that Yamapi's actually really good looking. It's about him as a person. Yamapi's really talented. Like really talented. He can sing, he can act. More importantly, he has an amazing personality. He's humble, down-to-earth and very hardworking. Despite the fact that he's one of Japan's top idols. My mum says it's because he's one of the few Japanese idols who have graduated from university. It shows.

So, after listening to my mum go on and on about Yamapi, I've decided to give him a chance, and watch Buzzer Beat. Turns out, that I fell in love with it (the show, not Yamapi). The cast were superb in their acting:

The entire cast did really well in developing the characters that they represented. Yamapi acted really well as the humble basket-baller who wishes to become a basketball champion. Yamapi's biggest obstacle was his self-esteem, which hindered him from doing his best on the court. Because of his lack of self-esteem, Yamapi's original girl friend of 2 years dumps him for a bad boy. In the end however, Yamapi ends up with an even prettier girl who gives him the support and encouragement that enables him to do his best. Through lots of love and support from the people around, he successfully becomes a basket-ball champion.

Speaking of prettier girl, I absolutely fell in love with the actress who acted as Yamapi's new girlfriend - Keiko Kitagawa.

So pretty right?! And in the show, she acted as the perfect girl. Caring and humble. And super ultra supportive of Yamapi. She is sooooooooooooo hot. Gush gush. =D

That's it for now I guess. Lesson learnt from Buzzer Beat: never give up in your dreams until the very end. And appreciate the support given by the people around you. So yes, in brief, my J-drama summer in Malaysia so far: Yamapi, manboobs & Keiko Kitagawa. Ja!