Thursday, June 12, 2008


There I sat. The piano in front of me. The sun shining through the window. The wind blowing in. Notes playing against a background of construction noises as I tried out a new tune.

I stopped. Someone was watching me. Listening to me. I turned back to see who my unknown spectator was. I blinked. When I opened my eyes, I saw a girl at the door, a man behind her.

The girl was young, not more than 7 or 8 years old. She was very pretty. But something was different. She was carrying a cane. Tap. Tap. I realized. She was blind.

She came in. I said hi.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm playing the piano."

"Can I join you?"

"Sure. Come on over."

She walked over, guided by the sound of my voice. As she came closer, I guided her towards the piano chair. Her father, smiling, sat at one of the lounge sofas.

I carried and put her on the chair beside me. "You play very well"

"Thank you. Would you like to hear another song?"

"Yes please."

And so I played.

"Thank you. You know, when I was young I didn't know how to play the piano but now I do."

"Really? I would love to hear you play. Go ahead."

So she played. Beautiful music. My eyes swelled. My heart opened up right there. There she was, a young, pretty girl, barely 8, blind yet playing tunes that went right through me.

She stopped. Looked at me. Smiled the most beautiful smile. I smiled back.

"Go on."

And the beautiful music continued.

We sat there for a while, she playing, me stunned. She stopped, walked over to her father. I met him. We talked.

I asked for the time. I had to leave. Her father asked her for one more song. I guided her to the piano. She played again. Beautiful. I thanked her. She thanked me. I smiled. She somehow knew.

I said goodbye. She looked at me. She smiled. That smile. That beautiful smile. I left, feeling joyful. More so than I've ever been in a while.

I've been touched.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


All of you who are special to me, I will miss you.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


One thing I realize about many people is that they do things without checking their intentions. What may seem to be the right action, if originating from wrong intentions, is wrong. What may seem to be the wrong action, if originating from right intentions, is alright. What are the right actions with the right intentions, are fantastic! In short, always do things with the right motivations.

And so, I wonder - do I do what I preach? Do I check my intentions? Do I do things with the right goals & motivations? Looking inside, I can say without a doubt that although I have done things with the wrong intention in the past, I have gotten a lot better as I grew older, as I matured. In the last year or so, I can say that about 99.99% of the actions I have taken have been done with the right intention. Whether these actions were right given the situation I cannot say - I am sure that I have made many wrong decisions, but I can say that these decisions were done with the right intentions.

What about you? Have you done things with the right intentions lately? When was the last time you checked and thought about it?

Friday, June 6, 2008


This could be the result of having

a) 3 hours of sleep for 2 nights
b) fever
c) cough
d) sore throat
e) massive head aches
f) congested sinus pathways
g) too much red bull

but right now, I'm feeling like a confused idiot... So many mixed feelings popping up here and there... One moment I'm numb... Another I'm happy... Another I'm angry... What's up with me?

Guess I just need sleep. And some reflection. And... Oh I don't know, I'm just confused...

It'll be over soon... Over... Soon...